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If you are receiving some form of therapy to an area of your body, you should expect to remove clothing to allow examination and treatment of that area. Often loose fitting clothing can be moved easily if you do not wish to remove items of clothing. Your comfort is essential to us, please inform your practitioner who will accommodate your wishes.

First of all, read through our meet the team pages to see if there is somebody who specialises in your issue. Still not sure? then please email our reception team with a brief description of your issue, they will liaise with the therapists who will respond to you usually within 24 hours.

We have a small car park on site for 6 cars, including a disabled space and a pay and display further down the hill on Fonnereau Rd (please look at the signs as can be easily confused with permit parking spaces). Crown car park is a short walk away. Many of our patients are elderly and in pain, please consider them and park offsite where possible.

Our reception team are straight ahead and ready to greet you with a smile.

It depends on who you want to see, you can book into the diary of some of our patients from this website, email them directly or if you’re not sure, call our helpful reception team on 01473 217592.

You can book and pay for most practitioners via this website. With so many practitioners using the clinic, they cannot all be listed here. If you contact the practitioner or reception team directly they can advise. Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Podiatry fees are to be paid in advance and not refundable unless 24 notice is given to cancel the appointment made.

We offer the highest standards of care possible and that includes making sure all our practitioners have all the necessary professional qualifications and indemnity insurances.

Consultation times for different practitioners vary through the practice. Your consult time is usually allocated based on clinical need. You may discuss this with your practitioner.

All the independent practitioners that work at Gilmour Piper require a thorough medical history to ensure your safety under our care, including medications you are taking or allergic to. They will also question you about the current problem, onset and timeline of events for this problem is often key to understanding and ultimately improving it, so it is worth giving this some thought before you attend.

Yes. Any person under the age of 16 will require a chaperone present.

While chiropractors may use a range of techniques, including hands-on manipulation, their focus is the spine. In contrast, osteopathy takes a more holistic, patient-centred approach and offers treatments such as muscle energy techniques, massage, manipulation, mobilisation and exercise prescription.

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