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Sam is a Sports and Exercise Scientist recently graduating from University of Suffolk with BSc honours degree, after returning to education later in life. Her background is in swimming coaching and teaching, which she has fitted in around family life, with the last 10 years coaching at Team Ipswich Swimming. Through her love of swimming, Sam has acquired an understanding of the importance in developing the strength of young swimmers, who do mostly pool-based training. She is able to assist them with the necessary resistance exercise for injury prevention and to achieve their long-term swimming goals. Also giving them the functional skills of strength-training to carry forward into adult life.

For a number of years Sam has also coached swimming as part of a Suffolk County Council Outreach programme aiming to encourage inactive adults to take up exercise. Participants were given a 12-week training course to complete an open-water swim, which gave Sam considerable experience dealing with a variety of people, particularly mid-life women and the challenges they face at this life-stage. Being part of their journey into fitness and witnessing the transformation of lifestyles through enhanced health and confidence, has elevated Sam’s interest in helping women on their fitness journey.

Current research demonstrates how important strength training is to offset the loss of muscle mass and bone density in later life and for overall longevity, particularly for the sub-group of peri/post-menopausal women. Sam can offer an individual and bespoke exercise programme, introducing women to correct technique and form, and the basics of using, what often seems like daunting gym equipment.

Sam is about to embark on PhD researching women in peri/menopause and sports performance. In her free time Sam is a regular open-water swimmer all your round and she is a big advocate for the benefits of cold water exposure. She is a passionate long distance runner and also enjoys going to the gym, Pilates and walking her dog.

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