Acupuncture in Ipswich

Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine, is quickly becoming part of mainstream healthcare, and our physiotherapists and osteopaths in Ipswich use it daily with their patients. Research shows that acupuncture and dry needling both stimulate the brain and spinal cord to produce natural chemicals that help the body’s healing process and to relieve pain.

Professionals relieve pain with acupuncture and dry needling, as part of the treatment of muscle and joint conditions, as well as osteoarthritis. These techniques are also effective for sciatica and brachalgia. In addition, one of our physiotherapists, Grace Lander, offers specialist acupuncture to help women with certain aspects of pregnancy and the menopause.

Although most patients don’t feel the extremely fine needles entering the skin, it’s possible that you may experience a prick of pain. However, even if you do feel this at first, it’s usually replaced after a few seconds by an ‘energy sensation’. You might experience this as throbbing, tingling, heaviness or dullness – or a combination of those sensations. If any needles remain painful for more than a few seconds, your physiotherapist will remove them.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Ipswich

We’re delighted to be able to treat our patients in Ipswich with TCM, which is also referred to as dry needling or trigger point acupuncture. Both TCM and dry needling have a solid evidence-base when used appropriately as either a stand-alone treatment or as an adjunct to other treatment.

In TCM, ‘Qi’ (also spelled ‘chi’ and, in both cases, pronounced ‘chee’) is the energy responsible for controlling the mind and body. It’s believed that Qi flows through each of us along 12 different ‘meridians’, which connect the internal organs to other points in our body. Imbalances in the flow of Qi along a particular meridian are thought to cause injury and illness.

The TCM belief is that inserting the very thin acupuncture needles into the skin (or the muscles beneath) normalises the flow of Qi. This helps to restore balance within the body. It’s believed that manipulating or ‘stimulating’ the needles encourages the movement of energy. This can result in draining excess energy and freeing stagnation, or increasing the flow of Qi to a deficient area or organ.

I am a competitive Ultra runner (competitive in my mind if not in terms of results) I have been treated firstly by Mark Newman who has helped me no end. The thing I love about every team member but especially Mark is that you are assessed, diagnosed, given a range of treatment suggestions, and homework – this is not passive treatment – if you want results and you want to strengthen and heal your body you also must work independently on that, and Mark taught me that in my earliest running days. Since 2017 I have run 6 marathons and 3 ultra-marathons, my best result being 6th woman in SVP100 in 2017 (not bad for a 40-year-old mum of 3).

Jo Cresdee

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