Chiropody and podiatry

We have a full chiropody and podiatry service at Gilmour Piper in Ipswich, run by a team of specialist podiatrists and chiropodists with considerable experience in foot care.

Our Suffolk-based footcare professionals treat a variety of conditions from verrucae corns to foot and heel pain. Your foot treatment from our chiropody and podiatry experts may include toenail cutting and verruca removal to orthotic services to prevent (or help alleviate) foot, ankle, and leg pain.

Other practitioners at Gilmour Piper will refer patients to our podiatrists if they believe a problem could relate to the poor bio-mechanical function of the lower limb and foot. Our podiatrists can perform gait analysis and, if needed, prescribe a range of orthotic devices – orthotics are shoe insoles – that can be either pre-made or bespoke. These prescription orthotics can help your recovery from painful feet, and from any foot issue that’s led to knee, hip or lower back pain.

Our podiatrists are trained in surgical procedures too, including nail removal, Faulkner’s needling (for verrucas) and injections. You can find more information at

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