Sports Injury Clinic

Gilmour Piper in Ipswich has a team of physiotherapists, doctors and osteopaths treating sports injuries in a clinic dedicated to making you better. The aim of our professionals is to enable you to get back to your chosen sport as quickly as possible.

A number of our practitioners are experienced in the treatment of professional sportspeople, including players from Ipswich Town and Colchester United Football Clubs. These elite athletes are based very close to our sports injury clinic, and wider practice, that’s in the heart of Ipswich, Suffolk.

Our experts have also worked in sports injury clinics with professional athletes and triathletes, swimmers, gymnasts and tennis players. At whatever level you play and take part in sport, we can help. Whether you’re suffering a recent tear, sprain or strain, or have a long-term injury, we’ll ex-amine you and provide a correct diagnosis before agreeing a treatment plan. This considered and collaborative approach is key to your rehabilitation and recovery.

Your first consultation will be with one of our highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists or osteopaths working as part of our Ipswich healthcare team. They’ll chat with you to get a detailed history of your problem and perform a comprehensive physical examination. You’ll discuss next steps, which may include further tests to aid diagnosis, or an immediate start to your treatment.

Dr Warren Davis is a consultant at Ipswich Hospital who specialises in the use of diagnostic ultra-sound to view muscles and tendons and then properly diagnose issues. Where appropriate, and usually after consultation with a wider team including sports doctors and consultants, we may recommend the use of injection therapy to speed up your recovery.

There’s no other place like Gilmour and Piper! It’s so great to have so many experts under one roof from physio’s, osteo’s to PT’s. As a team they have helped me, an aspiring athlete achieve my maximum level of performance from rehab and recovery of an injury through to sustained injury prevention. Together the team will keep you on track.

Claire Weller

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