Sports massage

Professional sports massage, soft tissue and remedial therapy is a safe and effective treatment that can benefit sports people and the wider non-sporting population equally well. Also, it can work for individuals of all ages, whatever their level of fitness, and is suitable for a range of conditions.

Sports and remedial massage (also known as soft tissue therapy) is a dynamic, deep tissue massage therapy that we provide in Ipswich, Suffolk. Our expert practitioners are certified and insured professionals who can identify the problem areas in the soft tissues of your body (your muscles, joints, fascia ligaments and tendons).

We’ll provide a customised, professional sports massage treatment with the aim of maximising function and restoring your body to a pain-free, balanced state. Using a variety of highly effective and proven techniques for facilitating your movement and relieving your pain and any associated stress, we’ll rehabilitate your injury. Sports massage and remedial therapy is applicable whatever the cause of your issue. It could be the result of sport or other leisure pursuits, a demanding job or lifestyle, poor posture, pregnancy or a medical condition such as arthritis.

One of the oldest forms of medical treatment, massage has been shown to efficiently encourage the healing of mind, body and spirit. Sports and remedial massage therapy has evolved so that therapists now have the skills to assess and treat the varied musculoskeletal conditions that the human body experiences.

You can book an appointment today, directly with Julia Stell on 07791663937

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