Personal training

Gilmour Piper’s personal strength and fitness training experts are registered exercise professionals. Working in the newly refurbished gym at our practice in Ipswich, our personal trainers are here to help you achieve your goals.

Our team will provide a bespoke personal fitness training programme that helps you progress from the treatment you’ve received from one of our other professionals. In fact, any Gilmour Piper practitioner may recommend you seeing one of our trainers for strength and conditioning work at Gilmour Piper. Alternatively, you can contact us directly without a referral.

A personal training programme can help if you’ve overcome injury or pain and now need to get fitter and stronger.
Examples of people coming to see our trainers for a personal training programme include those who want:

  • additional support and help with progressing on from treatment received from other professionals
  • a healthier, more vibrant life, but find the idea of exercise daunting and don’t know where to start
  • to improve their strength to help improve longevity and quality of life
  • to reduce their cardiovascular disease risk
  • clear guidance and personalised support, to get healthier and fitter
  • to help manage long term conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
  • exercise support whilst they undergo cancer treatment
  • to improve their balance and reduce their falls risk
  • to run their first 10km race

Remember, we can devise a personal training programme to suit your specific needs and budget, and we have both 1-1 and small group training available.

Working to the highest professional standards, our personal trainers will first meet you to gain a deeper understanding of what you want to achieve and the barriers stopping you from reaching these goals. The trainer will then complete an assessment before creating an exercise programme tailored to your needs. These personal training programmes may include resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and balance, along with support and advice on how to make positive behavioural changes which lead to success.

If you’re interested in pursuing a personal training program and haven’t been referred by anyone at Gilmour Piper, check out the personal biographies of Richard Farrar and Sam Fulcher.

After a few months of physiotherapy,
I had made such good progress that I met with Michaela Watt who had just started doing some Personal training sessions at Gilmore Piper and who came highly recommended. I have been training with her ever since. She is amazing – her enthusiasm has got me through some rather tough sessions but it’s what I needed to improve.

Lennie Jarman

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